Selected Lectures & Talks

The Causes, Controversies, and Consequences of Brexit (May, 2022)

The Rule of Law in The EU: Commission Enforcement and Democratic Backsliding in Poland and Hungary (April, 2022)

Professor R. Daniel Kelemen in conversation with Jenny Breslin of Glasgow Glasgow Loves EU (October, 2021)

European Cities as Democratic Strongholds? Panel Discussion at the Budapest Forum (September, 2021)

Orbán can’t afford to let the opposition win (March, 2021)

The Future of Democracy in EU Member States (March, 2021)

From Democratic Backsliding to Dictatorship in the Time of Corona | Daniel Kelemen and Gábor Halmai (April, 2020)

Discussing the European Commission's first annual Rule of Law Report (October, 2020)

RECONNECT Conference 2019: Prof. Dr. R. Daniel Kelemen Keynote Address (July, 2019)

USC Global Leadership Summit 2016: R. Daniel Kelemen (April, 2016)

R. Daniel Kelemen on Fixing Europe (March, 2015)

Euro Crisis Could Severely Hamper NJ's Economic Recovery (June, 2012)

Politics and Social Policy: Lessons from Europe with Dan Kelemen (Jan, 2011)

Trading Places: The Role of the US & EU in International Env. Politics (Jan, 2010)


Fundação (FFMS) - It’s not that simple (July, 2022)

Autocratization in Central Europe (July, 2021)